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Construction Accident FAQ

Was someone you know injured in a Los Angeles construction site? If so, you may have numerous questions about moving forward with a claim and seeking financial damages. At Accident Lawyers, your initial consultation with a lawyer is free, and we have also included some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your convenience.

What are some of the common types of construction accidents? Scaffolding accidents, falling objects, construction site falls, ladder accidents, forklift accidents and electrocution are all common types of construction accidents.

Who can be held liable for my construction site injuries? What party can be held legally accountable for a construction accident will depend on the cause of the accident itself, as well as whether the injured person was a worker at the site. A construction worker can typically bring a claim against his or her employer for injuries sustained on the job. If the injured party was a passerby or visitor to the site, the construction company may be held accountable, or in a case involving equipment malfunction the manufacturer may be held liable.

What is my case worth? All claims are different, and the value of a construction accident case will vary most often depending on the extent of injury sustained. If injury results in temporary or permanent disability or the wrongful death of the victim, the value of the case may be higher than that of a claim involving only minor injuries. However, a Los Angeles construction accident attorney can review your particular case to determine what it may be worth.

What if I was at fault in the accident? At times even if you were partially or fully at fault in a construction accident you may still be able to file a claim. This most often applies to workers' compensation claims, as under California law employees are still able to file claims to receive benefits even if their actions caused the accident to occur.

Do I need an attorney? Making the choice to involve a legal professional is personal. However, if you would like the best opportunity of fully understanding your rights and of recovering the full amount of financial compensation you deserve, it is recommended that you involve an attorney.

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